Hey there, I'm Julian Walder

Julian Walder My career so far has been marked by strategic marketing, innovation, product management, leadership, and a tendency for constantly pushing the bar higher.

Where I'm From, Where I'm At

Around the time I turned 30, I made a quirky decision to live in a different part of the world every 10 years for the rest of my life. Sometimes the plan worked out, sometimes not so much, but it's been an adventure either way: Romanian born, bred in Austria, and now living it up in Switzerland. This is a developing story.

My Adventure So Far

Flying High with Cruiser Aviation

Co-founder, CEO and Head of Product (2018 - present)

Ever wanted to be part of an open club for pilots? That's what I made at Cruiser Aviation! From Austria to Romania, I've expanded our operations and made waves in the aviation industry.

Crowd Surfing with Seedblink

Head of Product and Co-Founder (2018 - 2021)

Actually it's about crowdfunding. At Seedblink, I brought early-stage startups and investors together like it was a big networking party. I made sure everyone knew their dance steps and had a great time!

Carsharing with Pony Car Sharing

Co-Founder & CEO (2015 - 2018)

During my time at Pony Car Sharing, I brought shared economy benefits to life, with the number of our vehicles going from 10 to 100! I'm all about providing innovative solutions that make life easier and more fun.

Helping Others Grow at Trout & Partners

Business Consultant for Strategic Marketing (2005 - 2015)

Got to work with some cool clients like Banca Transilvania, FAN Courier, and Media Galaxy, and helped them become the big names they are today!

Wine Not? My Time at Murfatlar Winery

Marketing Director (2000 - 2005)

Ever wonder how your favorite wine gets marketed? That was my job at Murfatlar Winery! From promoting products to launching new product lines, I made sure everyone knew why our wine was the best.

Early Colors of Success at Policolor

Marketing Director (1998 - 2000)

At Policolor, I was part of a modernization wave, introducing innovative and eco-friendly products. I love looking back and seeing how far we've come!

Stuff I Studied

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation? Check. Got my MBA from TU Wien & WU Wien.
  • Industrial Management? Nailed it with a Bachelor's from ASE Bucharest.
  • I've also spent some quality time at MIT and Stanford University. Learning never stops!

My Startup Building Footprint:

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Year Name Idea Status
2011 Clubicity Loyalty programs for SME's ☠️
2012 Contakeeper Accounting for SME's ☠️
2015 MediJobs Career marketplace for healthcare professionals 👍
2015 Pony CarSharing Free Floating Car Sharing ☠️
2016 Replenti Automatic Replenishment System for Households ☠️
2017 Synthetics AI Trainable Chatbots with Distinct Personas ☠️
2018 HumanFinance / Seedblink Equity Crowdfunding Platform 👍
2018 Cruiser Aviation Open Club Airplane Sharing 👍
2019 Flow E-Scooter Sharing
(lately turned into food delivery)

What I Think I'm Good At

Tech Stuff

Agile Methodology Product Roadmap Prototyping Coding

People Stuff

Leadership Networking Building Relationships

Other Cool Things

Innovation Solving Complex Problems Strategic Planning Building Teams Private Pilot

So, That's Me

Well, there you have it at the moment of posting, might delete later. As you browse through my blog, I hope you'll get a sense of my passion for solving real problems. If you have any questions or fancy a chat, feel free to drop me a line! Also, collaborations are always welcome: I might be available for co-founding startups, or mentoring about positioning, product management, and the right growth strategy.

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